• Xcel Infiniti 5mm Boot

Xcel Infiniti 5mm Boot


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Product details

The Xcel Infiniti 5mm Boot is the cold water surf enthusiast's best friend. Made to be warm and quick drying, the Infiniti surf boot has a slightly thinner outsole for amazing board feel. Featuring 100% Ultrastretch neoprene and glued and blind stitched seams, the Inifniti boots are also lined with Xcel's QuickDry lining. Attention has been paid to every detail, right down to the ankle pull loop which is pressure bonded to the boot to reduce unwanted stitches leaving the exterior neoprene intact and less likely to let water in. All in all, the Xcel Infiniti 5mm Surf Boot is perfect for cold water surfers playing in our local waves.


If this description sounds familiar, it is, I just copy and pasted the description from the 8mm Infiniti boot. I did this for two reasons, it's the same boot just 3mm thinner and reason number two, I'm efficient (read: lazy! 🤣). Well that and Xcel uses the same description as well, so there!

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