• Von Zipper Beefy Goggles

Von Zipper Beefy Goggles

$79.95 $99.95

Black Gloss Satin w/Quasar Chrome
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Product details

The Von Zipper Beefy Snowboard Goggles are simply a solid, no-nonsense cylindrical lens goggle. Von Zipper uses some great meat and steak related descriptions to describe these, but I'd rather just tell you they work. And they work very well! Of course you can expect all the great features that make Von Zipper's goggles stand out from the rest. What features you ask? Well, things like an ergonomic frame design, or the polar fleece lined triple density face foam, or the anti fog and hard coated lens, or the dual adjustable strap, or the....OK, I could go on, but I'd reccommend you try on a pair and see for yourself. Looking for a solid, flat lens goggle that won't let you down? Try some Von Zipper Beefy's, they've been a staple in my gear bag for the last three years and I don't have any plans to get rid of them any time soon!

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