• Vissla Dredges Boardshort
  • Vissla Dredges Boardshort
  • Vissla Dredges Boardshort

Vissla Dredges Boardshort

$44.95 $63.95

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Made from upcycled coconuts, Vissla uses a proprietary Cocotex process to convert coconuts into an activated carbon fabric. Not only is waste being reduced, but the fast drying Cocotex yarn is flexible, and elastic, providing great stretch and fit properties. The activated carbon fabric is characterized by open pores which actually siphon water away allowing these shorts to dry quicker than most others. The Cocotex process also helps eliminate odors as the odor molecules get trapped in the active carbon fabric. And to top it all off, not only are these shorts comfortable, stretchy, quick drying and virtually odor free, they will also last a long time. The refined coconut husk fabric is as durable (if not more!) as any conventional material currently being used for boardshorts. Try a pair out today and feel the difference of Cocotex.

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