• Straight Line TR9 EVA 65' Wakeboard Rope Combo

Straight Line TR9 EVA 65' Wakeboard Rope Combo

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The Straight Line TR9 EVA 65' Wakeboard Rope Combo is a perfect recreational wakeboard rope and handle combo. The comfortable machined EVA grip won't chew up your hands while riding and provides great grip. The handle has built in floats to keep it from making its way to the bottom of the lake, while the bright green colouring makes it easy to spot from a distance. The 5-section mainline has a total length of 65', perfect for recreational wakeboarding.


  • Double braided handle construction along with dual neoprene floats make sure this combo is durable and highly visible on the water.

Dip Molded End Caps:

  • PVC dipped endcaps - lightweight and durable

Polyethylene Leader:

  • Lightweight PE leader line with minimal stretch

PVC Dyneema Tubing:

  • Clear PVC tubing that covers PE leader line to resist abrasion

Machined EVA Grip:

  • Machined circular EVA grip features an aesthetic color pop on the handle grip

T6-6061 Aluminum Bar:

  • 15” No flex, no bend, lightweight bar extrusion with built in floats

Pencil Floats:

  • Thin pencil floats help keep handle from sinking.

Static Combo Line:

  • 65’ feet total including handle, 5 section mainline: 45’-5’-5’-5’-5


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