• Ronix Limelight Women's Wakeboard 2015

Ronix Limelight Women's Wakeboard 2015

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The Ronix Limelight Women's Wakeboard brings cambered board technology and a whole lot more to the women's wakeboard game. Starting with the cambered technology, Ronix applies a slightly cambered mid-section to the board which puts the rider in a more centred, neutral riding position rather than being on the back foot. This allows riders to pop evenly off the wake with both legs. Ronix also uses a women's specific flex pattern to help riders get the most out of their set up. The Krypto Cable that wraps around the edge of the board actually makes the edge one go the strongest parts of the board; which comes as a relief to cable park riders and boat riders alike; stronger is better, period! Grip and Release rails create exception traction while the Speed Walls construction keeps the speed up. All in all, the Ronix Limelight is great board for intermediate to advanced riders looking to shed some light on new technology.

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