• Ronix Hoverboard 2016

Ronix Hoverboard 2016

$399.95 $449.95

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Sporting a similar weight to the top of the line Boomstick, the Ronix Hoverboard Wakeskate is a thoroughbred behind the boat! The abrupt 3-stage rocker line provides plenty of pop while the board's weight keeps it from floating away for the rider while in the air (weight is a good thing in the world of wake skates). The grip tape covered single concave top and sintered base bottom can handle just about anything in its path. Sandwiched in between is a Paulownia wood base with maple top laminates resulting in a lively, poppy and durable wakeskate. Take the Ronix Hovervboard out for a test flight this summer and never look back....or down!


  • Late Arc Rocker
  • Compression Molding
  • Sintered Base
  • ABS sidewall
  • 2 – .8” wakeskate fins

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