• Ride Phenom Youth Binding (2018)

Ride Phenom Youth Binding (2018)

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The Ride Phenom Youth Snowboard Binding is not your average kid's snowboard binding. This can be read either of two ways, this is either an above average binding for kids, or this is a youth binding for above average kids. In this instance, you'd be correct in both cases. Kids looking to get into this binding can't help but improve their riding as these bindings share much in common with their higher end siblings in the Ride Snowboard binding lineup. For example, the forged micro disk is the same found on the higher end Capo and the Edge Aluminium chassis is the same found on the EX binding. You can be assured that you're getting a quality pair of bindings with the Ride Phenom Youth Snowboard Bindings. 


  • Edge Chassis System
  • Phenom Highback
  • Wedgie Footbed

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