• Radar HRT Aluminium Plate (2017)
  • Radar HRT Aluminium Plate (2017)

Radar HRT Aluminium Plate (2017)

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Brand new for this season is the Radar HRT (Hybrid Rear Toe) Aluminium Plate. Outside of being quite a mouthful to say, The Radar HRT blends the convenience of a conventional toe strap with the control and leverage of a rear boot. The fully enclosed design ensure support and control whether you kick in or lace up, the Radar HRT will make sure your foot stays put. The high tongue and low cut heel cup allow you to kick into the HRT after a drag or dock start effortlessly. Regardless of what you've had on the back of your favourite slalom ski, the Radar HRT Aluminium Plate is perfect if you're slowing down a bit from a double boot set up or if you're stepping up from a standard rear toe strap. Try one to day to experience the best of both worlds!


  • Fully Enclosed Design For Control and Support
  • Low Heel Cup and High Tongue for ease of entry

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