• Phase 5 Super Fish 49" Wakesurf
  • Phase 5 Super Fish 49" Wakesurf

Phase 5 Super Fish 49" Wakesurf

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The Phase 5 Super Fish Wakesurf is all about making wake surf fun, easy and rewarding for beginner to intermediate riders. Beginners will appreciate the fuller nose shape and round profile for forgiveness when pumping down the wake. The winged fish tail allows for greater maneuverability and more aggressive slashing. To make things more predictable for beginners, the board is equipped with a twin fin set up. The Super Fish is another hand painted board from Phase 5 so, don't expect to see any other Super Fish like yours! The Phase 5 Super Fish is a perfect board to learn to start out on and is fun for riders of all abilities.


Model Dimensions Thick. Ht. Range Wt. Limit
49 49″ × 20.5″ .75″ 4’9″ – 6′ 165 Lbs.


Handmade in Venice, Fla. in the US of A.

Second picture is that of the board actually available.

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