• Phase 5 Hammerhead Wakesurf (2017)
  • Phase 5 Hammerhead Wakesurf (2017)

Phase 5 Hammerhead Wakesurf (2017)

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The Phase 5 Hammerhead is the result of Phase 5's and Drew Daniello's long time relationship and their shared passion for wake surfing and progressing it to new levels. Starting with its not-so unique design (only because other companies have since brought out boards similarly shaped), the blunt nose design was an early indicator that Drew and Phase 5 were game changers. Equally at home riding forward or fakie (backwards), the squared nose and tail design generate speed from both orientations. The slightly rounded tail section allows for surf like back foot turning, but don't be fooled, this board is all about high end skim performance. To round things out, this slick single fin skim shredder is wrapped up nose to tail in their GatorSkin carbon fibre construction. We're not saying you're going to be the next World Champion by buying this board, but you'll be off to a great start if progression and learning new tricks is your priority behind the boat. 


Model Dimensions Thick. Ht. Range Wt. Limit
50 50″ × 20.25″ .75″ 5’0″ – 5’11″ 175 Lbs.
53 53″ × 20.5″ .75″ 5’3″ – 6’1″ 200 Lbs.
55 55″ × 20.75″ .75″ 5’7″ – 6’4″ 225 Lbs.

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