• Phase 5 Ahi Wakesurf (2017)
  • Phase 5 Ahi Wakesurf (2017)

Phase 5 Ahi Wakesurf (2017)

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If you were a fan of last year's Aku Surf Wakesurfer from Phase 5, you're gonna fall in love all over again with this year's Phase 5 Ahi Wakesurf board. Sporting this year's new "Cuda Skin", an aluminium fibre weave, the Ahi surf is reinforced with an inlaid carbon fibre stringer for strength, stability and response. The boxy, squash tail design is made for speed and pop, while the forward placement of the quad fin set up allows for spin tricks and maintains speed down the line. Basically, if the phase 5 Wire and the Phase 5 Aku hooked up and had a child, this would be their beautiful creation. Fast, hard charging surf performance with more than a hint of playfulness (is this a product description or a Tinder profile....) this year's Phase 5 Ahi will help you find your "Aha" moment surfing behind the boat!


Model Dimensions Thick. Ht. Range Wt. Limit
46 46″ × 18.75″ 1.25″ 4’8″ – 5’7″ 140 Lbs.
53 53″ × 20.5″ 1.5″ 5’3″ – 6’1″ 190 Lbs.
58 58″ × 21″ 1.6″ 5’7″ – 6’5″ 240 Lbs.


Currently only available in 58".

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