• Phase 5 3D Speed Base Quad Fin Set
  • Phase 5 3D Speed Base Quad Fin Set
  • Phase 5 3D Speed Base Quad Fin Set

Phase 5 3D Speed Base Quad Fin Set

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The Phase 5 3D Speed Base Quad Fin Set is Phase 5's first ever wakesurf specific surf style fin. A collaborative effort between Phase 5 and 3D Fin's Courtney Potter, the Speed Base fin is the result of hundreds of hours of designing and testing. The 2 main defining characteristics of these fins are: 1) 3D Fins Dimple Technology and 2) Wavy Curve Design. I could try to explain each of these features, but let's get you the info straight from the Phase 5:

"1.  3D Fins Dimple Technology

Golfballs have dimples because it helps them slice through the air quicker and more efficiently, going further than if they did not have any dimples at all.  The dimples on a golf ball reduces airflow drag exponentially.  This is the same concept applied to waterflowing over surf fins.  Dimples = less drag. Water flows without sticking to the fin increasing overall speed and performance.

2.  Wavy Curve Design

The unique curvy design allows the Speed Base Fin to have a wider base which creates more drive and speed, without being so deep inhibiting the board from “breaking loose”.  The depth of the Speed Base Fin is relatively shallow when compared to other fins with the same length base.  You will notice increased drive and speed while the wavy leading edge surface acts like bigger faster fins, but shallow so it can break free for spins and revert riding.

The 3D Speed Base Fin is sold as a twin, or complete quad set using the 3D dimpster fins as rear trailing fins." - Phase 5

Set includes: 1 FCS Fin Key/Fin Bag

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