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Phase 5 Race Wakesurfer

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Brand new for 2016, the Phase 5 Race Wakesurfer is based off the popular Wire shape, but geared for more agile riders looking for something that produces more feel and responsiveness. Featuring a narrower outline and straighter rails, the Race also features a wide diamond tail. Combining these design elements gives a board with lightning quick response and an active on board feel. The thinned out mid-section of the board gives it amazing agility and quick edge to edge response.This board holds its speed well in between tricks. The diamond shaped nose of the board is handy (and stable) for riding fakie (backwards), spinning 360's and other tricks; yet narrow enough to not catch when charging in for airs. The Race has enough stability for beginners (or beginners with other board sports experience) but is ideally targeted for advanced riders looking to push the limits of their riding. This board is built with Phase 5's standard E-Glass/Epoxy construction and equipped with Phase 5's 4.3" twin fin setup for speed and agility.


Model Size Specs. Volume Ht. Range Wt. Limit
53.5 53.5"×19.25"×1.75" 18 L 5’3″-6’1″

190 Lbs.

*Rider size suggested is for average fitness and ability. Experienced riders may prefer smaller size and beginners may require a larger size.

Build Material: E-Glass

Fin Setup: Twin Surf (2 fins)

Traction: Dlx. Surf Small

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