• O'Brien Vader Wakesurfer
  • O'Brien Vader Wakesurfer

O'Brien Vader Wakesurfer

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The O'Brien Vader Wakesurfer is a great example the difference high end materials make for watersports equipment. O'Brien has taken a hand shaped EPS core (think: typical surfboard) and added a new and improved 100% carbon fibre/eopxy layup. They've also added a powerful squash tail design with a subtle diamond tip along with some added width while reducing overall volume. The result is a quick and powerful board that is extremely responsive and is at home equally on the water and in the air. If you've been struggling to get your current board's fins out of the water, switch over to the dark side and see what the Vader can do

4'8" 20.6"/52.3cm 12.58L



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