• O'Brien Sequence Slalom Ski Package

O'Brien Sequence Slalom Ski Package

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The O'Brien Sequence Water Ski Package is perfect for the recreational skier looking for greater performance without having to work for it. In essence, the Sequence will not make you a better skier from simply just owning it. Instead, it will make deep water starting much easier with its increased surface area. It will also provide great stability with its tunnel to full concave base profile. It can handle a slalom course as well as the open water with ease. The increased surface area will also help reduce any line drag, basically less fatigue and strain while you're behind the boat. Less fatigue = longer sets. Longer sets = greater chance to improve and polish your technique. So, maybe buying the O'Brien Sequence Water Ski Package WILL make you a better skier, but don't take our word for it; get one in the water and find out for yourself!!


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