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O'Brien Pixel Wakeboard

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The O'Brien Pixel Wakeboard takes its design cues from its big brother, the Valhalla, but with a women's specific flex pattern. Don't worry, you're still getting progressive rocker performance (more pop than a continuous rocker and smoother than a 3-stage), Feather Core construction (lighter for more pop and performance), and of course O'Brien Delta Base (V-shaped channels at the tip and tail to reduce drag and promote cleaner release from wake). Add in the molded fins (plus removable centre fin) at the corners and you've got a beginner friendly wakeboard with expert potential. The O'Brien Pixel Wakeboard is the perfect starter board that will help riders progress at their own pace.




Pixel 132 Pixel 137
Length 132cm / 52" 137cm / 53.9"
Width 42.2cm / 16.6" 42.5cm / 16.75"
Rocker 2.25 Progressive 2.35 Progressive
Stance 21 23 25 22 24 26
Wt. Limit 80-160lbs 130-210lbs
Fin Set-Up Flank 1.35 Flank 1.35


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