• O'Brien All Star 46" Trainer Skis

O'Brien All Star 46" Trainer Skis

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46" (up to 85lbs)
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If you're looking to get your young ones behind the boat, the O'Brien All Star 46" Trainer Skis are a great first step into the world of water skiing. A trainer bar keeps the tips pointed in the right direction and a tether towards the tail of the skis prevents the skier from doing the splits. The trainer rope has a handle at both ends so if your young water skier doesn't let go of the rope right away, the spotter holding the other end can for the safety of the skier. Add in a dual tunnel design along with some molded in fins for good measure and proper tracking and you've got a great set of trainer skis for the up and coming water skier in the family.

Weight range of these skis are up to 85lbs.

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