• Liquid Force Primo Wakesurfer 2016

Liquid Force Primo Wakesurfer 2016

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Building off of Liquid Force's TC Custom, the Liquid Force Primo Wakesurfer is the result of the man himself, Tommy Czeshin's design input to create an amazing surf skim with lightweight performance and versatility in mind. Using Liquid Force's proprietary compression molded EPS construction, weight reduction is achieved by way of a new CNC machined EPS core and unrivaled durability comes from the durable top and bottom compression molding. This creates both a tight bond and closed off seam, translated, this means you're getting wakeboard strength and durability with classic surfboard weight. Offering a variety of fin set up options, the Primo is up for any riding style you can throw at it. Stable, hard driving surf style with a twin fin set up, or loose and playful skim style with a single fin, the choice is yours!


Length Width Rocker Volume Weight Range
5'1" 61.0"
154.9 cm
53.0 cm
2.8" N/0.4" T
7.2 N/1.0 cm T
18.1 L 180-250 lbs
81-112 kg


Check out the product info videos from Liquid Force:

Currently only 5'1" Primo available in stock. 4'5" and 4'9" sizes special order only subject to supplier availability.

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