• Liquid Force Happy Pill Wakesurfer 2016

Liquid Force Happy Pill Wakesurfer 2016

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Back for 2016 with some new tricks up its sleeve, the 2016 Liquid Force Happy Pill Wakesurfer is no miracle cure, but will definitely make you feel good about wakesurfing this season. A new compression molded construction gives this year's Happy Pill ridiculous durability while not compromising the overall weight of the board from last year. The fuller, rounder shape of the board allows riders to get on a stable board that maneouvers easily in a shorter length than you might expect. The squared off tail acts as a gas pedal; more pressure, more speed to charge at bottom turns and fly off the lip for airs. The single to double concave hull design maintains speed and glide efficiently. The quad fin setup allows for the board to be ridden as a quad or as a twin fin. You can now customize the ride charactersitics of your board based on what kind of riding you want to do on any given day. Pop a Happy Pill this season and you'll be smiling well into October!!


Length Width Rocker Volume Weight Range
4' 5" 53.3"
135.5 cm
50.0 cm
2.8" N/0.8" T
7.1 N/2.0 cm T
19.4 L Up to 185 lbs
Up to 84 kg
4' 10" 58.3"
148.1 cm
52.1 cm
3.0" N/0.9" T
7.7 N/2.1 cm T
22.9 L 170 - 220 lbs
77 - 100 kg

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