• Liquid Force Happy Pill Wakesurf
  • Liquid Force Happy Pill Wakesurf

Liquid Force Happy Pill Wakesurf

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The Liquid Force Happy Pill is sure to put a smile on your face the second you step on it. With its full, rounded shape, the Happy Pill offers plenty of stability and forgiveness for those just starting out. The quad fin setup provides plenty of traction and drive for more experienced surfers looking to get the fins out of the water or toes on the nose fun. This is a great board to start out on given its super tough, high performance hybrid construction. But that's just where the fun starts, the FCS fin boxes accept a variety of fins styles and sizes so you can pretty much custom tune what kind of ride you want with this board. Beginners though expert riders will agree that the Liquid Force Happy Pill is the cure for those summertime blues.


Currently only available in 4'10 and 5'2, more sizes available soon.


Length Width Rocker Volume Weight Range
4' 0" 48.4"
122.8 cm
48.3 cm
2.5" N/0.7" T
6.4 N/1.8 cm T
16.0 L Up to 150 lbs
Up to 68 kg
4' 5" 53.3"
135.5 cm
50.0 cm
2.8" N/0.8" T
7.1 N/2.0 cm T
19.4 L Up to 185 lbs
Up to 84 kg
4' 10" 58.3"
148.1 cm
52.1 cm
3.0" N/0.9" T
7.7 N/2.1 cm T
22.9 L 170 - 220 lbs
77 - 100 kg
5' 2" 62.4"
158.6 cm
52.5 cm
3.3" N/0.9" T
8.4 N/2.2 cm T
26.1 L 190 - 250+ lbs
86 - 114+ kg


  • Speed Finish Vacuum Formed Outer Shell
  • Quad Fin Set-Up - 2 Side Fins & 2 Stubbie 2.0 Rear Fins
  • Lightweight EPS Core
  • Front and Rear EVA Grooved Traction with Arch bars & Kick stops
  • Short, Stubby Squaretail Shape

Check out Liquid Force's product info video for more on the Happy Pill.

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