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Lib Tech Travis Rice Orca

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The Lib Tech Travis Rice Orca Snowboard is a prime example of what an apex predator does. Able to slash, carve and generally rip any terrain it can get to, the Orca is the top of the heap! The longer drawn out nose provides amazing float while the shorter radius sidecut delivers Lib Tech's Whale Tail maneuverability. A little extra width allows for maximum carve-ability on hard pack without any toe drag and max float in the softer stuff. While touted as being part of a quiver of boards, you may find yourself treating this like a daily driver because of its fun, playful shape, its incredible versatility and flat out performance. Save the whales and try the Lib Tech Travis Rice Orca this winter because Seaworld is whack AF.


Size (cm) Contact
Length (cm)
Cut (m)
Nose / Tail
Width (cm)
Width (cm)
Min-Max / Set Back
10 = Firm
Range (lbs)
153 110 7 31.6 / 30.6 26.7 19.5"-24.25" / 2.5" 7 130+



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