• Fix High Lux Bindings

Fix High Lux Bindings


Large (10-13)
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The Fix High Lux Bindings are all about maximum freestyle performance! The winged highback design helps you extend your presses to the max, while also acting as a stabilizer. The glass fill nylon baseplates and highbacks are lightweight and durable, providing optimal flex for their intended purpose, having fun! To be noted, Fix's Regrind free process takes the waste material from the injection molding process and repurposes it for the binding packaging instead of reintroducing it to the raw materials like many other manufacturers do. This means you can be assured you're getting Fix's best, every time! Also to note would be the memory gel ankle strap pads for maximum comfort without sacrificing performance, full length EVA footbeds for maximum cushioning and comfort. If you spend more time on boxes and rails than you do on the snow, you need the Fix High Lux Bindings this winter!


• Glass fill nylon baseplate and highback

• Winged Highback

• 100% regrind free baseplate and highback

• Tool free forward lean adjuster

• Hardware free ladder attachments

• Cast aluminum buckles

• EVA adjustable footbed

• Memory gel ankle strap padding

• 4x4 disc with 2 hole slider compatibility


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