• Fix Burns Team Bindings

Fix Burns Team Bindings


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The Fix Burns Team Bindings are meant for all mountain, free ride devastation. Based off of the Fix Winslow model; with Burns' own personal touches; the Burns Team bindings are dark with an aggressive feel to them. Featuring Fix's 100% Regrind free process, all bindings made with their injection molding process are made with all fresh raw materials. Typically, excess material is reintroduced back into the raw material mix thereby slightly compromising its integrity. Instead, Fix repurposes their manufacturing waste into the binding packaging, pretty cool huh? Of course you can expect full length EVA footbeds, cast aluminium ratchets, hardware free chassis and memory gel ankle strap padding. And did we happen to mention that Andrew Burns is originally from there 613? Well, now you know!


• Cast aluminum buckles

• EVA Adjustable footbed

• Memory gel ankle strap padding

• 4x4 disc with 2 hole slider compatibility

• Glass fill nylon baseplate and highback

• 100% regrind free baseplate and highback

• Tool free forward lean adjuster

• 3 position tool free highback rotation

• Hardware free ladder attachments


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