• Crab Grab Crab Trap
  • Crab Grab Crab Trap

Crab Grab Crab Trap

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If you don't know about Crab Grab, don't wory about it, the cool kids will fill you in later. Seriously though, the Crag Grab lineup of snowboard accessories are proper. Well thought out, well designed and well made. Simple as that. The Crab Grab Crab Trap is a prime example of what I just wrote. This slightly oversized, durable EVA stomp pad was designed to provide excellent traction, and believe us, it does! The Hexholes, C-Foam, and Gripple Textured material all come together to bring you the finest in snowboard traction pads, behold, the Crab Grab Crab Trap. (Say that fast 3X!)

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