• Catch Surf Odysea 6'6 Skipper (Quad)

Catch Surf Odysea 6'6 Skipper (Quad)

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From the minute you take this board out of your trunk, people will know two things: 1) You came to shred, and 2) You know how to have fun!! The Catch Surf Odysea 6'6 Skipper does exactly that. The high volume of this board is a hit across the board, beginners to seasoned shredders will love how much float this board has. Catch Surf mixes in a sleek fish shape for down the line speed and carving out turns cleaner than a samurai at thanksgiving (don't worry, I thought it was funny...). Equipped with Catch Surf's high performance fin system, the 6'6 Skipper can really power through bottom turns off steeper waves and hold speed in the tube. Looking to get wet this spring and play in the river waves? Let the Odysea 6'6 Skipper guide you on a three hour tour....a three hour tour. (And if you're wondering, yes, I just copy and pasted my description of the 5'6 Skipper here....and if you're still wondering, I'll be doing the same for the 6'6 Skipper.<<< HAHAHA! Oh yes I did!!)



  • 6'6" x 22.0" x 3.125" (55 Liters)
  • Super-Fun for all skill levels!
  • Tons of float and easy wave catching.
  • Stiff dual composite core.
  • Triple (x3) maple stringers!
  • Durable HDPE graphic slick bottom.
  • Old-School PE deck with throwback design.
  • Hi-Performance fin system with performance fins.
  • Designed by Catch Surf in California, U.S.A

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