• Bic 5'10 Duratec Fish

Bic 5'10 Duratec Fish

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The Bic 5'10 Duratec Fish Surfboard embodies all that Bic's Duratec construction promises: Durability and Performance. The 5'10 Duratec Fish is a true Pocket Rocket; offering the stability and bouyancy of a longboard with all the maneouverability and performance of a shortboard. Perfect for younger riders just starting out, the widened nose and tail sections allowing riders to catch waves earlier and more often. Intermediate to advanced riders will appreciate the handling characteristics this board offers in less punchy waves. This is a great first board for the youngsters; less time worrying about dings and repairs with tons of bouyancy to help get them going; as well as intermediate to advanced riders looking for a low cost option to progress to the next level. The Bic 5'10 Duratec Fish offers durability, performance and value; 3 great qualities to look for in any surfboard purchase!


  • Fin Set up : Thruster Tri
  • Fin Supplied : FCS M5 Thruster Tri
  • Weight range : <154 lbs
  • Shaper : Peter Pan
Length Width Thickness Volume Weight Weight range
5'10 20"1/2 2"5/8 35 L 9.5 LBS <154 lbs*


*On Bic's German site, they state the board is suitable for riders <90kg (200lbs) for river surfing. Link here


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