• Bic 11'6 Ace Tec Performer WindSUP (2017)

Bic 11'6 Ace Tec Performer WindSUP (2017)

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The Bic 11'6 Ace Tec Performer WindSUP redefines versatility on the water this year! Starting with Bic's Ace Tec construction; a tough, durable and lightweight solution to conventional board construction; Bic elevates it another level with their Performer finish giving it a sleek, high performance look. Building off a longboard outline, the 11'6 WindSUP incorporates a mast track as well as a retractable dagger board giving this board great windsurfing performance in both light wind and windy days for both beginners and experienced riders alike. Flatwater handling is a breeze on this board, very efficient with enough maneuverability to handle some dicier conditions. The high volume quotient of this board allows for novice riders up to 260lb/120kg and experienced paddlers up to 300lbs. This weight capacity means this is also a great board to bring out the kids or the family pet on, and with a board width of 32.5", it's also very stable. The Bic 11'6 Ace Tec Performer WindSUP is an extremely versatile board for many conditions for beginner and experienced paddlers alike. 


11'6/350cm 32.5"/82.5cm 215L ACE TEC 33lbs


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