• 2015 Bic 12'6 Ace Tec Wing

2015 Bic 12'6 Ace Tec Wing

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The 2015 Bic 12'6 Ace Tec Wing takes the stereotypical Touring/Race shape and addds mulit-dimensional versatility. From fitness paddling, to flatwater cruising, to open ocean cruising and even recreational racing, the Wing does it all! With a weight capacity of 260lbs (120kg), it's suited to medium to large riders, with smaller riders benefitting from increased stability thanks to the 30" width. And of course, the Ace Tec finish really completes this board. Think lightweight, durable and good looking...things not usually found at this price point. The 12'6 Ace Tec Wing laughs at rocks and dock posts that would ding and dent regular epoxy sandwich or polyester boards. Paddle confidently into the sunset on your Bic 12'6 Ace Tec Wing, because you can!


12'6"/381cm 30"/76cm 285L 15.5kg up to 260lbs/120kg


Due to shipping constraints, only available as local pick up.

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