• 2015 Best TS Light Wind Kite 17.0m

2015 Best TS Light Wind Kite 17.0m

$1,099.95 $2,249.95

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Product details


  • Lightwind performance crossover kite
  • Open-C Platform for rock solid stability
  • Ride Optimized Geometry for unbeatable lightwind performance
  • Unlimited versatility in all riding styles
  • Equipped with backpack, sleeve, repair and sticker kit

Best understand that not everyone kites in 25 knot winds and that’s why they built the TS Light Wind. The TS-LW repackages the game changing performance and unlimited versatility of the smaller TS kites in lightwind specific 15m and 17m sizes that are built to help you get the most out of every light wind session.

You could use a race kite in light wind, but they aren’t built for trying new tricks and having fun. The TS-LW uses Ride Optimized Geometry to take your performance and fun to the next level, with a light wind specific LE span and canopy profile that are designed to get you riding in less wind than anyone else. With a Reactive Micro Bridle for responsive handling, aerodynamic refinement and maximum upwind ability the TS-LW kites let you tackle all riding styles. They are stable when unhooked, responsive in the air and surprisingly agile even on a smaller bar. The 5-strut TS-LW is the number one choice for Best`s freestyle pro-team riders when they need a dynamic and responsive kite to help them win in light wind conditions.

Every gram of spare weight has been trimmed the from TS-LW kites leaving nothing but 100% performance. They use their Double Core RS canopy fabric to provide maximum strength and minimum weight. Dacron placement on the wingtips is optimized for the best blend of low weight and steering responsiveness, they’ve even developed an ultra thin TPU bladder material to help trim all the spare weight from the airframe.


Currrently only available in 17.0m.

The TS-LW is designed so you can make the most of every lightwind session and allow you to stay on the water in complete control even when the wind picks up. If you want to add a killer light wind kite to your quiver and need one that is ready for newschool, wakestyle, freeride and maybe even some gentle wave riding then the TS-LW is the perfect choice. Start riding one today and unlock your limits.

Riding Style

Surf 1
Freeride 5
New to the sport 3
Newschool 3
Light wind 5

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