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O'Brien Censor Wakesurf

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The O'Brien Censor Wakesurf is a high performance  skim style wakesurfer that utilizes a 100% carbon fibre lay up for a fast, responsive ride. The classic pintail  outline gets a slightly wider profile giving it more stability and float. The concave  deck provides a more skate like feel for tricks and the 3 FCS fin options allow for a more customized ride feel. If you're an aggressive surfer behind the boat, you need the O'Brien Censor in your quiver. Premium materials, premium construction and premium performance, it's an easy decision!

Censor 50" Censor 55" Censor 60"
Length 127cm / 50" 139.7cm / 55" 152.4cm / 60"
Width 50.4cm / 19.85" 52.3cm / 20.6" 53.34cm / 21"
Volume 10.81 Liters 13.13 Liters 14.6 Liters
Wt. Range 150lbs max 120-220lbs 160-240lbs

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