• Radar Vector Water Ski Binding
  • Radar Vector Water Ski Binding

Radar Vector Water Ski Binding

$149.95 $239.95

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The 2018 Radar Vector Water Ski Binding has been and seemingly will always be a stalwart in the Radar Water Ski Binding lineup. Dubbed (by me, just now) the "every man's" water ski binding, the Vector perfectly mates performance and comfort. Ride the whole day in these and your feet will literally thank you. New for this year is Radar's Reactive Wrap technology which fuses a structural skeleton onto the base fabric. In a nutshell, more effective and specifically targeted energy transfer between your feet and your water ski, AND it looks pretty cool. Mated to Radar's Feather Frame Chassis, the Vector is super lightweight making a great upgrade to breathe some new life into an old(er) slalom ski. Make a straight line for the Radar Vector Water Ski binding this summer and you'll be making a move in the right direction.


  • Reactive Wrap Level 1
  • Feather Frame Chassis
  • Molded 3D Tongue
  • Double Lacing
  • Symmetrical Fit
  • PVC Free Construction


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