• Bic 12'6" C-TEC Tracer Hybrid Touring SUP (2016)

Bic 12'6" C-TEC Tracer Hybrid Touring SUP (2016)

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The Bic 12'6 C-TEC Hybrid Touring SUP is a stunning high performance touring/race board crossover. It combines touring board stability at 29" wide and high performance race board construction via the C-TEC branding. "C" for carbon fibre, the C-TEC construction is extremely stiff for maximum speed and glide; desirable board qualities for any aspiring racer out there. What makes the C-TEC construction unique is the incorporation of the white Innegra fibres along with the carbon fibre weave to not only produce a board that is extremely stiff and lightweight, but also adds the element of durability. We're not saying to completely trash this board, indestructible SUP's haven't hit the market just yet, or at a price anyone could possibly afford! But, this board can take the odd bump'n'grind along the shoreline, just try not to make a habit of it! Carbon Fibre Touring/Race board for under $2000, no, you're not dreaming!!


12'6"/381cm 28"/71cm 23lbs/10.5kg 130L FCS 10" Dolphin US box+M5 side bites


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