• Lib Tech Bent Metal Transfer Bindings
  • Lib Tech Bent Metal Transfer Bindings
  • Lib Tech Bent Metal Transfer Bindings

Lib Tech Bent Metal Transfer Bindings

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The Lib Tech Bent Metal Transfer Bindings could quite possibly be the last set of snowboard bindings you'll ever buy! Thanks to Bent Metal's Drive Plate system, you can change out the existing Medium drive plates for something softer and more flexible or something stiffer with greater response. Not that there's anything wrong with the included Medium drive plates, but at least now you have options. You may find yourself asking, "What are these Drive Plates you speak of so fondly?". Well, simply put, Bent Metal's Drive Plate system is a series of binding footbeds that directly affect the flex properties of the bindings on which they are installed; available in Soft, Medium, and Firm. Obviously highback flex will also ultimately effect the overall flex of the binding, but now at least you have more control over ride feel depending on the day's terrain. Aside from that of course, the Bent Metal Transfer Bindings are equipped with forged aluminium ratchets for solid feel and performance, light form IMEVA ankle and toe straps for lightweight durability, the Cube forward lean system, and Bent Metal's Pivot Disks; providing 2X4 and Channel mounting capabilities. Put it all together and you've got a binding system that covers all the terrain you could possibly ride.


Size Boot Size
S US M 4-7
M US M 8-11
L US M 11-13


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