• Dakine Super Tuning Kit
  • Dakine Super Tuning Kit

Dakine Super Tuning Kit


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The Dakine Super Tuning Kit has everything, and we mean EVERYTHING you'd need to keep your gear running in top form all season long. From hot waxing (including the wax itself!), to edge tuning, to base repair; this kit has the goods! Everything packs away neatly in the included bag, with room to spare for extras! If you're a DIY'er and enjoy the art of tuning up your gear, or if you want to start, the Dakine Super Tuning Kit is the perfect way to keep things running smooth and fast at home or on the road!


  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Large multi pocket case with zipper
  • Adjustable temperature tuning iron
  • Edge tuning tool
  • 10" [ 25 cm ] file
  • Wire file cleaning brush
  • Metal scraper
  • 10" [ 25cm ] wax scraper
  • Pocket stone
  • Ptex ( 2 )
  • Octane Bar ( All Temp Wax )
  • Scuff pad
  • Tuning tips


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