Women's Outerwear Update!

Posted: Oct 26 2017

We're pretty excited about this winter's Women's Outerwear collection from Nikita Clothing! If you don't know who they are or what they're about, check out their blog hereNeedless to say though, Nikita has done far more than just simply make functional snowboard gear and streetwear for "Girls Who Ride". Founder Heidi Birgisdottir has made tremendous progress developing the Icelandic snowboard scene and redefining the perception of women in action sports. By girls who ride, for girls who ride, Nikita and its founder are trailblazers, forging new paths for anyone daring enough to follow. This winter's collection is a prime example of what Nikita is about. Functional shapes and cuts paired with a varied palette of solids and prints that make one simple statement: "I ride." Two simple words that mean so much to those who dedicate the time to get out and push themselves to their limits. These two simple words that connect men and women, boys and girls, young and old. Check out this winter's Nikita gear and be a part of the "GWR" movement this season!
If you wanted more info on Nikita's founder Heidi Birgisodottir, here's an Onboardmag.com feature here.
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