Why Red Paddle?

Posted: Jun 09 2018

The question asked in this blog entry's title is one we often get asked here at the shop. It's best answered by going back 5 years, to when we first brought the Red Paddle Co. products into the shop, because we asked the same questions ourselves! Starting with the fact that Red Paddle Co. only manufactures an inflatable product speaks volumes of their dedication to making the best inflatable SUP's in the world. Considering most SUP/Surf/Watersports/Random companies primarily make rigid boards with one or two models being inflatable, it would seem they are simply making a product to  satisfy a demand and appear to be competitive in that particular market segment. And truth be told, out of the box, a Red Paddle Co. SUP and any other inflatable SUP may look very similar. But that's where the similarities end. Over time, many inflatable SUP's tend to sag, or as I like to say, "banana out" simply due to the fact that all the weight is being concentrated at the weakest point of the board, the very middle. Of course, this happens over the course of time, as little as a few months and up to a couple of years. Over the lifetime of your Red Paddle Co, board, the boards rocker line (side profile) will never change. This is thanks to their proprietary manufacturing process (MSL Technology) and one of the most dense drop stitch patterns in the industry. Let's also revisit the fact that Red Paddle Co. exclusively makes an inflatable product. This means that ALL their R&D, materials research etc... is focused on one style of board as opposed to any competitors that also make rigid boards. Allocating only a small portion of their resources to developing their inflatable product, competitor inflatable SUP's seem to exist solely to satisfy a market need rather than developing a superior product. Let's also consider the breadth of Red Paddle Co.'s lineup. Everything from the 8'10 Whip surfboard right up to the 22' Dragon (Boat) and the 8-Person Ride XL, gets every bit of technology Red Paddle Co. develops and curates. Red Paddle Co. has pioneered many technologies over their tenure at the top of the inflatable SUP market, namely their RSS (Rocker Stiffening System) Batten technology which gives their thinner profiled boards and race boards added rigidity where it counts. We also can't forget about the aforementioned MSL construction process by which glue is mechanically applied for consistency and of course Red's denser drop stitch application. Red Paddle Co. has set themselves apart from and raised the bar for the competition for years to come, and I haven't even mentioned the Titan pump or their extremely well appointed travel bag and comprehensive line of accessories. That will be another blog post, stay tuned!
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