Wetsuit Season is Around the Corner

Posted: Mar 27 2017

Inset picture: Ex-Shop Staffer and lifetime #SurfSideCrew member, Alex Copp giving the thumb's up on shredding some Great Lakes swell. 
Being Ottawa's only real surf shop, we often get many questions with regards to wetsuits. The main questions being, "Will this keep me warm?" or, "What water temperature is this wetsuit good for?". Of course, there are no truly definitive answers as each and every one of us are unique (aren't you a special little snowflake!) and as such, we all have our own specific tolerances to cold and other adverse conditions. The following chart is meant to be used as a guideline. As I often tell our customers, when in doubt, err on the side of being too warm. It's rare a day gets cut short because you're too warm, too cold however....hypothermia isn't a word I like to use when selling customers on wetsuits. Unfortunately though, it is a stark reality many cold water enthusiasts must consider when suiting up cold water fun. Check out the guide and let us help you gear up.
Water Temperature Range (°F) Wetsuit Thickness Wetsuit Type Seal Type
>72° N/A Rashguard N/A
65°- 75° 0.5 mm - 2/1 mm Top / Shorty N/A
62°- 68° 2 mm - 3/2 mm Springsuit / Full Suit Flatlock
58°- 63° 3/2 mm - 4/3 mm Full Suit + Boots Sealed
52°- 58° 4/3 mm - 5/4/3 mm Full Suit + Boots + Gloves + Hood Sealed and Taped
43°- 52° 5/4 mm - 5/4/3 mm Full Suit + Boots + Gloves + Hood Sealed and Taped
42° and below 6/5 mm - 6/5/4 mm Full Suit + Boots + Gloves + Hood Sealed and Taped
Again, this is just a basic guideline for water temps/Wetsuit thickness. Air temperature, activity level, individual cold tolerance are but some of the factors to consider over and above these guidelines. We also offer a selection of hoods, gloves, booties, chill guards, under tops and rash guards to help you find your comfort zone out in the colder waters of our Canadian winters. 
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