Wakesurf Season is Waking Up!!

Posted: May 02 2017

As the temperature starts to warm up, so do our local lakes and rivers. Some of you may have already been out in the waters either river surfing or maybe even SUP'ing, but if you're not a diehard or have access to a 5mm or 6mm wetsuit, you're probably waiting for some warmer days. We're here to tell you that they're on the way! It won't be long before we're all out in the sun taking in as much vitamin D as we can. As the boating crowd preps for the season, don't forget to go over your gear like boards, ropes, vests and of course, what you'd like to accomplish behind the boat this season. Whether it's finally dropping the rope, popping your fins out of the water, surface 360's or big spins, your progression goals matter to our sales staff. We can help you get the most out of your time riding by getting you set up with the right gear. Whether it's skim style or surf style riding, we've got the right equipment that will have you surfing like a pro behind the boat (or at the very least, the equipment the pros use!). Check out this year's lineup of Phase 5 wake surfers. They've introduced some new models as well as some unique and special limited edition boards as well for this year. All Phase 5 boards are handmade in Venice, Florida, US of A. Available in store and up here pretty soon!
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