SURF SIDE'S August Swap Sale v3.0

Posted: Aug 05 2016

Next Sunday August 14, we're doing it again! Now that everyone has had a chance to get out on their summer gear, here's your chance to retire that old water ski once and for all and upgrade to something more current. Same thing goes for that old windsurf board you've cleverly patched, repaired for years, and even re-purposed into a SUP. Time to upgrade. Or how about that old Costco wakeboard combo you picked 8 years ago while shopping for an extension cord and a 128 pack of granola bars? Yup, time to upgrade! We're not saying that just because something is old it needs to be replaced, but just because that old IBM PC from 2003 still works does it mean you still need to wait 2 minutes for a web page to load?  We know that your time at the cottage or on the lake is limited, so why not let us help you maximize your fun with some new gear? We've seen vast improvement to construction and technology even in the last 3 years, so why not see what the new gear can do for your summer fun?
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