Posted: May 25 2018

Turns out Mother Nature didn't consult us prior to dealing out this weekend's weather! So, as to not have her rain on our parade, we've moved the swap sale to Sunday, June 3, right here at our 544 Bronson Ave. location. Anything from water skis, wakeboards, wake surfers, SUP's, kites, kite boards, windsurfers, sails, rigs....if its not doing you any good, it might be of use to someone else. You'll never know unless you bring it in! Now, we're not exactly miracle workers, so if it's in rough shape, best to ask us before lugging it into the swap. Any inquiries regarding the buying or selling of gear, please contact Alex@surfsideonline.com and he can answer any of your questions with regards to the swap. At the end of the day, we're counting on you guys to bring in your gear and hopefully help out someone else who might be wanting to try something new without spending a ton of cash. The swap sale is also a great opportunity for the more serious participants to keep current with the latest gear by selling off their lightly used gear from the last season or two and taking advantage of some swap sale specials. In the past, we've offered  special discounts for people placing special orders for windsport, watersport and surf gear, so this year will be no different, on the day of the swap, any special orders placed will get a 10% discount on top of having any shipping charges waived. This of course will be on top of the special deals we have planned for all in stock merchandise. Don't forget, the date of the swap is SUNDAY, JUNE 3!
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