Posted: May 15 2017

Sunday May 28, we're hosting our annual swap sale! If you have some well loved gear that still has life in it, bring it on down and we'll sell it for you! The swap is a great chance to meet new people who are into the same activities as well as scoop up some used gear at great prices. If you have something to sell, equipment registration runs from 9AM until 11AM. Give us your asking price (Alex can help determine value if you're unsure) and we'll do our best to sell during the sale. For items sold, the seller has the option of taking 80% of the cash value of the sale (we take a 20% commission) or 100% of the sale value as store credit. As always, the swap sale is also a great opportunity to get rid of older gear that hasn't been used in a while as well as pick up some sweet deals on gear. The swap is open to ALL windsport and watersport equipment, including SUP's (and accessories), Surfboards, Wakesurfers, Wakeboards, Wakeskates, Water Skis, and of course Kitesurfing and Windsurfing gear. The sale itself runs from 11AM until 3PM after which customers have until 5PM to pick up their unsold items. Weather permitting we hope to have a little BBQ as well as some swap sale specials going inside the shop. If you have any questions or would like more details, head on over to the Facebook event page or you can email Alex at alex@surfsideonline.com with any questions. 
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