Surf Side Says.....THANK YOU!!!!

Posted: Apr 12 2017

We just wanted to say a HUGE "THANK YOU" to everyone who came out this past Sunday and braved the 15º, sunny and spring conditions to battle it out in the third annual Surf Side Says Pool Party Edition!!!! Our amazing hosts Camp Fortune had the park in amazing shape and it showed from the amazing quality of riding that went down. We've got to shout out all our amazing prize sponsors as well; Sessions Mfg. and Nikita for our grand prizes, Celtek, Thirty Two, Airblaster, Gnu/Lib Tech, Dakine, Driftwood, RDS, Beaver Wax, Airhole, DWD, NOW, Jones, OneBall and anyone else I may have forgotten. A big shout out to all the volunteers that helped us out and kept things running smoothly throughout the day, not to mention capture much of the day with both still pics and video. Here's a link to our Facebook Page event gallery. For us however, the icing on the cake was what you guys were able to generate in terms go a Food Bank donation. We literally expected to maybe collect a few canned goods, but we were pleasantly surprised by taking way more than expected. To be completely honest, we were blown away by the support! This tells us that our local snowboard scene is in great hands. It's in the hands of people who do care about others less fortunate, and want to do something about it. It shows us that when a group works together, they can make a difference. Sunday was just a small example of what we can accomplish by a few people working together. It's a start and a step in the right direction. Let's keep this up and see what we can accomplish! Thanks to EVERYONE who was a part of our little snowboard party on Sunday and we're looking forward to the next event!!!! #SurfJamSoon!!!!
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