Special Prize Announcement!!!

Posted: Apr 06 2017

A big shout out to our Sessions and Nikita rep Baughn Deleff for hooking up some amazing gear for our pool party! We also look forward to next season and having both brands in the shop! Sessions has a deep rooted history in snowboarding (and skateboarding) and is considered by many as having true OG status. They were the first snowboard shop in all of the US and early team riders were Terry Kidwell and Steve Caballero. In 1990, Sessions first started manufacturing outerwear. Looking back on those early designs, one could say they've come a long way. But don't forget, snowboarding went through some "interesting" style phases. For more info and details, click here for the full story off how Sessions came to be. Nikita on the other hand is a little bit younger as a brand, but that hasn't deterred owner and founder Heida Birgisdotter from taking her place as a legit purveyor of quality streetwear, riding gear and more. She's taken her "For Girls Who Ride" slogan to incredible heights from the company's humble beginnings in Iceland with a small collection of handmade items. If you'd like to read more on the Heida and the Nikita brand, click here for Onboard Magazine's interview with her from the early days of the brand.
Needless to say we are extremely stoked to have both these great brands in the shop and look forward to the fall's offerings and hope all you guys are too!!
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