Simple Equation For Summer Fun

Posted: Jul 05 2017

While school is out for the summer, having fun this summer shouldn't involve much thought. Here at Surf Side, we like to make things easy, and it doesn't get any easier (or better) than this! Simply take one of the easiest boards to ride in wakeboarding and add one of the most comfortable bindings ever made, and presto, instant summer fun!* If you haven't already found out, the Ronix Vault/Divide combo package is one of the easiest to ride wakeboard packages ever made! Besides having a number of features designed to make wake boarding easier (offset molded fin pattern, thinned out toeside rail, removable centre fin and 3-stage rocker line), this year's Vault looks AMAZING! The textured top sheet graphic is mesmerizing in the sun and gives a faux carbon fibre vibe. As for the Divide bindings, let's just say your feet will thank you for hooking them up! All this and more available here and in store!!
* Boat, gas, ballast weights rope and handle sold separately.....
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