SESSIONS MFG. Is back!!!!!!

Posted: Oct 18 2017

We are so stoked to announce that Sessions Mfg. is back and in stock right now!!!!!! If you're under the age of 30 and you snowboard, you might not know what Sessions is about. Let's just say it was one of snowboarding's first legit outerwear producers. Dating back to snowboarding's "Golden Age"(and beyond...), Sessions started up in 1983 as America's first dedicated snowboard shop. A few years later in 1990, Sessions introduces their first outerwear lineup and a few years later, they were a properly celebrated core brand for snow and skate enthusiasts alike. Sponsoring the likes of Steve Caballero, Jamie Lynn, Salman Agah, Shawn Palmer and many other legends, Sessions' asserted themselves as early leaders. Whether it's snowboarding, skateboarding, or the music that influences it all, Sessions has been a key part in the development of these elements ver the years. For more info, check this out: History Lesson
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