Posted: Sep 26 2016

Crisp, cool mornings signal the start of the fall. There's an unmistakeable chill in the air that is only superseded by the putrid stench of pumpkin spice everything. But aside from all that, the fall brings change. And we all know change is good. So good that we're going to help you save 35% to change your snowboard gear and update it to something more current. There's been a lot of great advances in snowboard construction and design; and we want to help you discover what they can do for your time out on the hills. Boards from Gnu, Neversummer Industries, Sims Snowboards, K2 Snowboards and Arbor. Bindings from Flux, Ride and K2; and boots from Thirty Two and Vans Snow. Solid, high quality brands at sale prices you can't afford to pass up! This offer will end after Thanksgiving, so take advantage now and save your cash for lift pass!
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