Posted: Oct 11 2018

New product arrivals are a sure way to make a bunch of "cool shop guys" revert back to our wide eyed grom days, and yesterday was one of those days for us here at the shop! An uncontrollable series of "Oooohhss" and "Aaaahhhhss" escaped our mouths before we even knew what was happening!  For real though, these new Thirty-Two boots are, simply put, AMAZING! From the the high performance TM-2's down to the super comfortable and easy riding STW BOA's, this year's lineup is pure 🔥. Just writing down the word "fire" couldn't do that last sentence any justice, I had to do it. Emoji's and other pleasantries aside, Thirty-Two's 2019 offerings look great, feel great and we can't wait to get them out on the hills! We'll try and take a closer look in the upcoming weeks and break down what each model offers by way of fit and performance so stay tuned while we get them listed up on here for sale.
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