Never Too Soon To Talk Summer

Posted: Feb 16 2017

I know the timing may be off, but when new products come into the shop and they blow away all your expectations, you HAVE to share the news. Well, this was the exact case yesterday. Summer 2017 is looking like it's going to be killer. Sure, there's plenty of winter left; probably enough to share with less fortunate regions that don't get winter (those unfortunate sous!!); but one look at this year's Radar Skis' and Ronix Wakeboards' lineups and you'll see why! Already established as industry leaders, both Ronix and Radar continue to push the boundaries of technology, performance, aesthetics and occasionally good taste. But all that aside, at the end of the day, both companies build solid products focused on bringing the highest level of performance to the customer while continuously innovating and re-imagining ways to maximize enjoyment on the water. Pictured left to right: Ronix Technora Koal 4'8 Wakesurf, Radar Senate 69" Slalom Ski package, and Radar Lyric 65" Slalom Ski package. 
Come see our friendly staff and let us help you get out on the water this summer on a new water ski, wakeboard or wake surf package. We do our very best to make sure that the products you leave our store with are the right ones. We'll take the time to tailor a package that suits your budget, skill level and progression goals. 
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