Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way

Posted: May 20 2017

We're super stoked to announce the arrival of this year's collection of Follow Impact vests out of Australia. Follow started up 5 years ago with Steven Anderson at the helm. His idea was to bring wakeboard lifestyle elements into a fully functioning product line with input from team members from all around the world. Well, after seeing this year's collection, I'd say they've hit it out of the park! The modern classic aesthetic of this collection is both unmistakeable and identifiable. Outside of being an extremely good looking and performing impact vest, Follow incorporates unique details and materials in their gear to further set them apart from the competition (full stretch corduroy anyone??!?). We're pleased to stock Quebec's own Oil Derôme's pro vest, pictured above, as well as some other great selections. Follow vests are available in their form fitting Pro Fit as well as their less tapered profile, aka Happy Fit. Available now in store and up here on the site under the Wake tab.
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