Gnu Eco Choice, an Easier Choice Than Sophie's Choice

Posted: Feb 11 2017

At the shop, we're firm believers in practicing what we preach. So when it came time for me to get a new board this season, I treated myself like one of our own customers. First off, I assessed my experience and current skill level (riding since '88 with a slight break, obviously expert riding level 😜, OK maybe not....let's just say extremely competent). Next, I considered what my riding goals were and how often I was realistically going to get out (learning triple corks/qualifying for X-Games assuming I can get out 8-9 times a week). From there, I determined what I liked and what I didn't like about the board I was replacing. The board being replaced was a softer park board with traditional camber at 155. While the board itself served me well, at the end of the day though, it just didn't really fit my riding profile. I'm no rail master (although it would be fun) but I do like to flop and pop around once in a while. I needed a board that was firmer in flex and torsional rigidity, while still offering a somewhat playful profile. After doing my homework, I narrowed my search down to a few boards, finally deciding on this year's Gnu Eco Choice in a 157.5 size. In selecting this board, I felt confident I was making the right choice, and after riding it last Monday evening, I knew I had made the right choice! After having sat the whole of last season out due to a knee injury, I thought I was going to be much more cautious down the hill. Needless to say, the board constantly asked for more, and I was happy to oblige! High speed stability, plenty of pop and amazing edge hold.....everything I could have asked for in a snowboard. Let me begin with this board's edge hold. We all know about "magnetraction", but let me tell you, IT WORKS! Seriously, it's technology that you can see, and it works, extremely well! Add to the fact that this board has an Asym sidecut (shorter sidecut radius on the board's heel side with full magnetraction and toned down magnetraction on the toe side), and again, I was impressed. The board's flex pattern fit me to a T, medium to medium firm flex that felt plenty solid at higher speeds. The torsional flex was well controlled as well; I felt very stable on the more chattery sections of some of the runs and the board felt well grounded underfoot. As for pop, let's just say this board has plenty. All in all, I'd have to say this board is a perfect fit and I'm very much looking forward to getting more sessions on this board. If you would like to know more about the tech in this board or the rest of the Gnu lineup, click here to find out more.
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